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Updated list is now on a separate page of this blog (October 26)

Inquiry: I am working on an article about how archives use Instagram for the ICA conference in Girona later this year. Link to article: http://bit.ly/ZSlSkK

I would like to estimate how many archives actually use the photosharing app Instagram – please comment here, on Twitter (bente_J) or mail me: bente.jensen@aalborg.dk if you know about archives not on the list.

  • Added to the list are archives in the Netherlands and more archives in Sweden. (August 30.)Welcome to SABC Radio Archives in South Africa on the list (September 2.)Useful list showing French public archives on social media added – non on Instagram though.   (September 2)
  • Two American archives added to list (September 24)
  • British Postal Museum and Archives added (September 25)

Archives On Instagram 

Arbejderbevægelsens Bibliotek og Arkiv (ABA) og Arbejdermuseet : arbejdermuseet_og_ABA
Gentofte Lokalhistoriske Arkiv: lokalhistorisk_arkiv_gentofte
Historisk Arkiv Hjørring: historisk_arkiv_hjoerring
Kolding Stadsarkiv: Koldingstadsarkiv
Lokalhistorisk arkiv i Nakskov: Nakskovlokalarkiv
Silkeborg Arkiv: silkeborgarkiv
Statens Arkiver: statensarkiver
Aalborg Stadsarkiv aalborg_stadsarkiv

Centrum för Näringslivshistoria: naringslivshistoria
Riksarkivet – Work in progress
Stockholms Stadsarkiv: stockholmsstadsarkiv

Riksarkivet: riksarkivet_norge

Stadsarchief Antwerpen: FelixArchief

Useful list of French public archives on social media (none on Instagram it seems):

Great Britain:
British Postal Museum and Archives: postalheritage

Markiezenhof Museum & Archief te Bergen op Zoom: Markiezenhof
Regionaal Archief Tilburg: Regionaalarchieftilburg

Archivo Desono y Architectura: archive_d­_a­

University of Toronto Archives: Utarchives

Archives of American Art : archivesamerart
Archives Foundation: archivesfdn
Baltimore City Archives : Baltimorecityarchives
Eisenhower Presidential Library, Museum, and Boyhood Home: Ikelibrary
Smithsonian Archives: Smithsonian archives
US National Archives: Usnatarchives
Washington State Archives: wastatearchives

New: Portland State University Library Archives: psulibarchives
Lyndon B Johnson Presidental Library; lbjlibrarynow

State Records Southern Australia: staterecordssa
National Archives Australia:  naaaugov

South Africa:
SABC Radio Archives: sabmedialib

 Billedet er fra Instawalk i Musikkens Hus i Aalborg / photo from an Instawalk in Aalborg, Denmark  (foto: Bente Jensen)

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